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6/30(土)|UNIVERSAL TOSHIKI New Album【Spaceart】Release Party[HIP HOP]

『 UNIVERSAL TOSHIKI New Album “Spaceart” Release Party - 』


【会場】Transit Studio LUGGAGE[名古屋・栄]

【時間】22:00 to LATE

【料金】前売1,500円 / 当日2,000円



□New Album“Spaceart” Release Live:UNIVERSAL TOSHIKI & Also the what’s 9(Trio)

□GUEST LIVE:BB9 / D.M.A / Pitch Odd Mantion (Ace the Chosen onE & Ten)

□LIVE:神獅 / NEW JACK / SANOJI / Takakoh

□DJ:2shan / Aruok (PITCH ODD MANSION)

Lucky / miyau-D (Newjack)

Noname / Nej / PEACE


〒460-0008 愛知県名古屋市中区栄4-7-17ユタカビル2F

tel : 052-228-9064(OFFICE TRANSIT STUDIO)







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